Committee Members' Role Descriptions.


All Committee Members are expected to:

  • Ensure that the club is run and administered in accordance with the club’s constitution.
  • Work to further the aims of the club.
  • Progress the club in accordance with the views and wishes of the general membership.
  • Participate in the collective responsibility of the Committee to promote and safeguard the best interests of the Club and its Membership.
  • Attend and contribute to committee meetings.
  • Attend the club’s AGM.


In addition:

The Club Chairman shall:


  • Produce an agenda for committee meetings in advance of the meeting giving committee members the opportunity to contribute to the agenda.
  • Chair committee meetings.
  • With the secretary, produce and coordinate an agenda for the AGM in consultation with the rest of the committee.
  • With the secretary oversee the production and dissemination of all appropriate documentation required for the AGM.
  • Chair the club AGM and ensure that the meeting is conducted in accordance with the club’s constitution.
  • Ensure that all meetings are conducted in an orderly manner.
  • Produce an agenda (if required) and chair any extraordinary general meeting should one be required.
  • Have an understanding of all aspects of the club.
  • Support the Secretary in ensuring that committee members are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Should the need arise; act as the ambassador and/or spokesperson for the club.
  • Support committee members in the fulfillment of their roles and responsibilities.


The Secretary is the principal Administrator for the club. This is a pivotal role in which the Club Secretary carries out, or delegates, all of the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively.


The Club Secretary shall:


 • Be a first point of contact with external organizations.

  • Organize the Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary general meeting.                                         
  • With the chairman, produce and coordinate an agenda for the AGM in consultation with the rest of the committee.
  • With the chairman oversee the production and dissemination of all appropriate documentation required for the AGM.

 • Take and distribute minutes of meetings.

  • Ensure all appropriate documents are available for committee members.

 •  Keep club records.

 •  Liaise with members, post holders and external agencies.

  • Have an understanding of all aspects of the club.


The Treasurer shall:


  • Liaise with our Bank to ensure the level of service we receive and their Bank Statements are correct and appropriate.
  • Issue any cheques required by the Club and be one of the two signatories required on each cheque.
  • Ensure any funds to be paid from the Club’s account are appropriate and are made against incoming invoices, receipts or written authorisation from the Committee Members.
  • Ensure all incoming funds are recorded, reconciled and allocated to the appropriate income profiles.
  • Provide financial reports to the Committee at regular intervals, or when requested, so they remain informed of the Club’s financial status.
  • Provide financial and commercial guidance to the Committee when this is sought or deemed appropriate.
  • Maintain financial records, which are understandable to the Membership, transparent and fully auditable.
  • Prepare and present a financial statement at each AGM in a format that is transparent and easy for the Membership to comprehend.


The Membership Secretary shall:

  • Maintain an up to date register of members’ contact details
  • Print membership cards and get them to members within 2 weeks of membership application and fee being received
  • Check members’ third party insurance details and ensure that they comply with the club requirements as per the constitution



                                                               The Chief Ride Co-Coordinator shall:


  • Be a point of contact for Ride Leaders from all groups.
  • Liaise with Ride Co-coordinators and Leaders with regard to ride cancellation due to unsafe riding conditions and inclement weather.
  • Update ride calendar if others are having issues. Assist with advise/training around calendar user instructions.
  • Offer advice and assistance on how to plan routes, this may include the use of software such as Garmin/Strava.
  • Liaise with Social Secretary to pass on social event information to Ride Leaders.
  • Welcome and introduce new members.
  • Help out with other Committee/Club events or issues.


The Social Secretary shall:

  • Oversee the organization and promotion of social events for all Club members.
  • Oversee the organization of the Club’s main social events (Xmas, Summer, Bunny Hunt and Treasure Hunt).
  • Assess the safety of proposed events and venues. 
Liaise with committee members on social events. 

  • Promote social events over Club’s social media and website.



The Non-Specific Committee Members shall:


  • Carry out such roles and tasks as agreed between that member and the committee.


Examples of such tasks currently being carried out:


  1. Organizing club kit orders.
  2. Overseeing and making up club first aid kits.
  3. Disseminating and organizing admin site received emails.
  4. Aiding the organization of club social events.


In addition the committee elects a vice chairman (normally from one of the non-specific members) whose role is to support and deputize for the chairman.

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