Co-ordinator and Leader Roles

A Group Ride Co Ordinator


  • To be the point of contact for the various Ride Leaders in their Group
  • Endeavour to allocate a Ride Leader one month in advance of the actual ride and add their name to the relevant Group ride description on the Club ride calendar i.e. 26th August - Group 4 – Leader ………….;   - see note 1
  • Ensure each Ride Leader enters and updates the ride particulars on the Club’s webpage calendar at the very earliest opportunity;
  • To be aware, and to remind their Ride Leaders, that unless each ride is entered onto the Club’s webpage calendar, the ride is not classified as a Club ride and this has significant legal and insurance implications, not least for the Ride Leaders;
  • To be aware, and to remind their Ride Leaders, that while Whatsapp and similar electronic means of communications are useful and may be used, the Club’s webpage calendar is, and should be, the prime means of communicating updates and adjustments to any ride;
  • To be aware, and to remind their Ride Leaders, of the Club’s Code of Conduct and that safety and respectfulness to other road users and pedestrians are paramount principles of the Club;
  • To monitor other Group rides so that gatherings at the same “coffee stops” may be planned so enabling riders to meet, mingle and feel integrated as part of one Club;
  • To offer advice and assistance on how to plan routes. This may include the use of software such as Garmin/Strava;
  • To assist the Ride Leaders, if required, to update Club’s webpage calendar;
  • To provide support and guidance to Ride Leaders, if sought, on ride cancellations if inclement weather or unsafe riding conditions prevail;
  • To constantly liaise with the Chief Ride Co-ordinators on all matters relating to rides that may change or be cancelled.
  • To collect information on potential new members riders (passed back from ride leaders) to ensure they do not go over the three ride guest limit and either approach the potential new member at this point to encourage joining or pass to the Membership Secretary to deal with


Note 1   - it is totally accepted that Ride Leaders will converse together and when circumstances require change which rides they actually lead and the route. Personal circumstances, injuries or ill health makes this inevitable. Providing the Club’s webpage calendar is updated when this occurs this will not impact on the legal or insurance ramifications.



Ride Leaders should: -

  • Be certain the ride is entered onto the Club’s webpage calendar
  • Carry a Club first aid kit;
  • Check that each rider has with them their Membership Card with their emergency contact numbers;
  • If any rider is a non-member and or guest;
  • Establish from any new or guest rider their level of experience and comfort speed;
  • Know how many riders are in their group (check when gathering back together);
  • Ensure each rider is certain who is leading the ride;
  • Ensure each rider has your contact number (in case someone becomes lost or detached);
  • If a rider goes a significant distance ahead of the Ride Leader and becomes detached from the group then they do so at their own risk so in these circumstances warn any rider before they get too far ahead;
  • If possible find somebody to ride at the back so ensuring that any riders lagging behind are supported and are not left behind (especially if there are riders new to the group or club);
  • If there are a larger number of riders in the group ensure they are instructed to split into smaller groups of 3 or 4 riders maximum so allowing motorist the opportunities to pull in between them when overtaking;
  • When stopping make sure that it is in a safe place;
  • Stop, if appropriate, in a safe place to gather together at the top of (or just beyond) demanding hills;
  • Do not stop to gather together at junctions.  Leave one rider at the junction (in a safe, visible place) to direct riders then stop in a safe place further on;
  • Report back to the Ride Co-ordinator the names of any non-member or guest who participated in a ride.
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