Riders Code of Conduct

Below is the updated code of conduct incorporating members' suggestions where appropriate. 

Also see 'useful links' given after the code. The 'hand signals' link for consideration.

1. Riders are expected to be courteous to other road users, and to observe the Highway Code.

2. Safety and consideration to your companions and other road users is a priority at all times.

3. The leader of the ride is in charge and their decisions are final. Riding ahead of the ride leader is done at your own risk.

4. If the leader divides the group into smaller groups, because of heavy traffic or large numbers of riders, remain in the smaller group and do not ‘gap-jump’. If gaps close up when going uphill as they frequently do, endeavour to open them ASAP to let following traffic pass at the earliest opportunity.

5. Leaders & riders should respect the agreed parameters of distance and speed for that ride/group in order to ensure the comfort and safety of all.

6. Calls of advice/instructions from the front or rear should be passed on.

7. Ride in single file when there is traffic on a narrow road.

8. When moving to single file the rider on the outside should normally move BEHIND the rider on the inside.

9. Because of possible liability it is not advisable to signal to vehicle drivers to overtake the group.

10. Overtaking must be carried out with great care. Undertaking should be avoided if possible.  Should undertaking become unavoidable a verbal warning should be given first.

11. Should the group be turning off the obvious route, stragglers must be waited for.

12. When turning off the obvious route groups should not wait at a junction, but should move on to the nearest safe place to stop and leave one rider at the junction (in a safe, visible place) to direct riders.

13. All riders are required to wear a cycling helmet, which should be fit for purpose. This is a club regulation.

14. Riding two abreast is allowed under the Highway Code, however riders should not ride three (or more) abreast on public roads.

15. Allow motorists to overtake by pulling over and stopping if they are ‘stuck’ behind a group on a narrow road AND there is a suitable stopping place.

16. Members leaving the group for whatever reason MUST notify the leader.



1. Please ensure your bicycle is roadworthy (including having tyres inflated to a suitable pressure). And that you carry as minimum spare inner tubes where applicable together with tyre levers and a pump.

2. In consideration of your fellow riders all are asked to have
suitable mudguards when there are potentially wet conditions. Wet roads, no mudguards, ride at rear of the group.

3. The use of lights is recommended even on ‘sunny’ days.

4. If a rider is under 16 years of age they must be accompanied by an adult who accepts responsibility for them and their behaviour.

5. New riders should make themselves known to the ride leader. 


Useful links

Highway Code


Hand signals



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